Remote Car Starters by House of Sound

Start your car from the comfort of nearly anywhere! House of Sound installs trusted, top-of-the-line Remote Car Start systems.

Why Our Fans Choose House of Sound’s Remote Starts…

  • Premium Remote Starts (engineer driven, not cheap underperforming price point filler)
  • Aggressively Priced (Our goal is to deliver on “VALUE” not just price, that’s the best deal)
  • Award Winning Expert Installation (professional installation, not cheap doodling)
  • Owner Operated and Installed (It’s not business, it’s personal, it’s what we do and enjoy)
  • All Inclusive Pricing (No smoke-and-mirrors or loaded extra parts, module, labor charges)
  • Lifetime Warranty (We maintain all our fans purchases for the lifetime of the car)
  • Extended Remote Warranties (3-year instant exchange on our leading brand)
  • Fifteen Years’ Experience (knowledge and know-how to “DO IT RIGHT!”)
  • Remote Start All Types of Vehicles (including Diesel and Manual Transmissions)
  • High Quality Premium Remote Start Brands (Solace, Astrostart, Autostart)

House of Sound has grown up with remote car starters. We began installing remote starts more than fifteen years ago, when there were only two brands and remote car start business was in its infancy.

House of Sound can program a Remote Start or Security System remote to include extra keyless features like door locks, trunk pop, window controls, rear defrost and seat heaters.

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