Car Video Installations by House of Sound

Are we there yet???… Sound familiar?

House of Sound’s Car Video Systems are a great way to make getting there half the fun. Enjoy the journey. Entertain the rear seats, so you can drive and navigate to the destination in peace, while enjoying the music or programming of your choice.

Mobile video is more affordable than ever and offers a fun, viable, and necessary addition to all commutes short and long. Expand Rear Seat Entertainment to In-Car Entertainment. Systems work well in all vehicles. Passenger cars, SUVs and minivans are viable candidates for mobile video components. House of Sound’s brand selection is a superior choice to factory options, offering updated units, media flexibility and larger screens to enhance the driving and riding experience. Vehicles can easily be retro fitted with state of the art video entertainment systems for a fraction of a factory media system.

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Why Mobile Video?

  • Entertainment Value. Movies, music, video games, and even satellite television are all available for use in your car, truck, van, or SUV. Trips, long or short, are much easier and enjoyable keeping the back seat occupants entertained by watching favorite movies and cartoons, or playing a video game system. Rear Entertainment Systems include wireless headphones, so not to disturb the others and allows front seat to enjoy the radio.
  • Safety. Connect a navigation system for turn-by-turn visual and voice directions; designed to keep your eyes on the road and hands upon the wheel. Backup cameras pay for themselves in peace of mind alone, great for trucks and SUVs , and can even help attach a trailer.
  • Cool Factor. Mobile video has that built for the future cool. In-dash DVD units with touch screen monitors aren’t for just watching movies. They are great for displaying album art, streaming Bluetooth music, adding a back-up camera, phone apps, pictures, screen savers or on screen navigation.

Types of In-Car Video and Accessories

Overhead Monitors (flip-down style) are popular additions to SUVs and minivans with 9.5” and 10.2” the most popular sizes. House of Sound monitors always include wireless headphones.

Headrest monitors Factory-style headrests replace the vehicle’s factory headrests. The built-in monitors are available in 7” and 9” screen sizes. House of Sound features custom headrests that match the fabric and the vehicles interior.

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